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Landscape Rock in Melbourne FL

If you have been looking around for a rock to add to your landscaping, don't just go to a nearby park and pick up rocks, call on Melbourne Lawn and Landscape to provide them to you. There are a variety of landscape rocks that can be used to achieve the appearance that you want. Our landscapers know the various types of landscape rocks and what they are best used for, even when our clients don't know. Call on our experienced professionals to show you how much better your landscaping can look with the right type of rocks.

Types of Landscape Rock

Here are some of the rocks that we use most often in our landscape designs:


Stone effectively complements any landscaping, if strategically aligned with the other items in the landscaping. Even if what is included in the landscaping, such as vegetation, you never have to change the rocks. They offer a permanent presence in your landscaping.

Moss Rock

Some stones are offered with moss on them, these are known as fieldstones; taken from the surface of the ground, not quarried. They are best suited for installing around water features or scattered throughout the landscaping.

Flat Flagstone

This type of stone is often used for paving driveways, patios and paving a beautiful path. They are offered in a variety of colors and natural concrete colors. Flagstones can also be used as a cap on rock walls for sitting.

River Rock

This is a smooth, rounded type of stone that varies in size. We often install these around water features or line the ground in dry stream bed planting. They can be used where there is also a run-off of water, to hide the unsightly appearance of standing water.

Landscape Professionals

If you would like to use any type of rocks in your landscaping, allow our landscape professionals to show you how they can be best used in your landscaping. When our landscape architect is designing your landscaping, let them know up front that you would like rocks used within the design. In some cases, our clients already know what type of rocks they would like. If you know the type of rocks that you would like, just let them know, they will find the most appropriate way to incorporate them into your landscape design. If you don’t know, they are the most suited to make such a decision as to where they should be placed.

Affordable Landscape Rocks

Some landscape rocks are more costly than others. However, if you are determined to have landscape rocks used in your design, we’ll consider your budget, and where rocks would serve the best purpose. When we have these things clearly in mind, we can offer you the rocks that we believe are most fitting for your design needs. Regardless of the extent of your service needs, we assure you that we can provide you with the most affordable landscape rocks for your landscaping or lawn needs. We guarantee your total satisfaction!

Rock Landscape Design and Installation in Melbourne, FL

Rock landscaping can make your yard look more beautiful. This includes decorative gravel, river rock, and large rock installations. Hardscaping adds an element of contrast to the natural beauty of your garden. Adding decorative rock landscaping to your yard can make it look better.Rock landscaping can enhance the appearance of any lawn by adding natural beauty, variety, and height to it. Melbourne Landscaping Solution has a range of options to enhance the beauty and durability of your landscape elements. Call us to find out more about our landscaping service.

How to Rock Landscape Design And The Use Of Stones Can Improve Your Yard's Appearance?

Landscape boulders and large rocks add height to gardens and make them look great with vines or plants growing around them. Rock landscaping can be used to create a natural-looking water feature in your yard or as a barrier to weeds between flower beds. These are just a few of the many uses for natural stone in landscaping and your yard.

Landscape boulders and large rocks add height to gardens and make them look great with vines or plants growing around them. Rock landscaping can be used to create a natural-looking water feature in your yard or as a barrier to weeds between flower beds. These are just a few of the many uses for natural stone in landscaping and your yard.

  • Landscape rock installation adds texture to your landscaping.

  • It can be used as a groundcover.

  • You can use small stones or decorative pebbles to create a path.

  • You can use rocks to make a rock garden border.

  • This is used to make a feature wall.

  • Make a raised rock garden.

  • This is used to highlight a favorite flower.

  • You can use rocks to control water flow.

  • People use rocks to create entire rock gardens or yards.

To enhance your yard or garden, incorporate rocks and rock landscaping design. Call us for more information about Melbourne Landscaping Solution.

Hardscapes Without Hassle

By hiring custom rock landscaping/hardscaping design professionals from our company, you can eliminate the risk of injury that can occur when lifting rock without proper equipment. Our teams have the right tools to transport heavy materials and can easily move and install rocks with minimal hassle. Do not risk causing injury to yourself. Let our landscape experts assist you.

Rock Gardens

Some people utilize rock gardens to enhance rocky slopes and turn difficult-to-landscape areas in their yards into beautiful features to brag about. To give a plain yard more dimension and contour, you can add large rocks. This will make it a unique feature in your home. Space is an important consideration when designing rock gardens. Our rock landscape designers in Melbourne, FL will make the most of space to create sprawling, naturalistic rock gardens.

Rock Walls

Rock walls can add dimension to rock landscape designs and help with drainage problems. You can add great features to your yard by installing dry stack rock, rubble stone walls, or dry creek beds. They also help with water management and drainage issues. We can help you design the perfect garden.

Landscape Mulch & Rock Installation Services

Mulch or rock ground covers are the most common finish for our landscape design and installation services. Sometimes, both. We offer rock services and mulch to replace your landscape ground covers. Our nursery keeps a large stock of popular mulches. We'll collect rocks and other ground coverings from a local supplier before we deliver and install.

Rock can be used for more than aesthetic purposes. Rock can also be applied to soil surfaces to prevent water from washing away or eroding them. Rocks help to retain moisture and regulate soil temperature, which creates a better environment for plants, shrubs, and trees. Rock can also increase the fertility and health of the soil while decreasing the growth of weeds. Your mulch should be laid approximately 2 to 3 inches thick. This is what reduces weed growth. To maintain a mulch thickness of 2-3 inches, we recommend that mulch be re-layered at least once per year after it has been laid in the landscape beds.

Our Landscape Designs Use the Most Common Mulches, Rocks, and Other Materials.

Red mulch is a popular choice for residential and commercial property owners in Melbourne, FL and surrounding area. It stands out. Here's a list of some of the most popular mulches and rock ground covers we use in our region:

Shell Rock/Washed Shell

These shells are ideal for landscaping beds. They are typically mined in Melbourne, FL. Because was once under water, large shell deposits were discovered below the surface. This shell can be mined and sold under the name shell rock or washed shell.

Red Mulch

It is made from bark material of redwood, cedar, and pine trees. It's harvested during the lumber milling process. To achieve the desired color, dyes or stains are often added to the mulch during manufacturing.

Pine Bark Nuggets

These nuggets are long-lasting and add nutritional organic material to the soil when it begins to fall apart.

Red Lava Rock

These rocks are formed when volcanoes erupt and leave magma (lave), on the surface. This rock is largely derived from sites of ancient volcanoes.

White River Rock

This decorative rock has a mainly white color with some gray and tan tones. It also has a smooth, rounded texture.

Cypress Mulch

This organic mulch is made of shredded cypress trees. It has an attractive natural color.

Black Mulch

This mulch is almost identical to the red mulch but has black dye added during manufacturing.

Brown River Rock

This rock is very similar in appearance to the white river rocks, but it is brown with cream and other white colors.

Our Expert Landscape Designers Offer Professional Landscape Rock Installation

You can easily improve the appearance of your outdoor area by adding landscaping rocks, large or small. Melbourne Landscaping Solution can help you with rock landscaping installation. Our landscape designers are experts in rock landscaping and rock gardens. We can also install boulders, decorative gravel, rock yards, rock walls, rock yards, or other decorative landscaping rocks. Your outside space can be given a natural, unique look with landscape boulders, rocks, and gravel paths. For a free quote, call 321-616-8310 if you're looking to renew your landscape rock in Melbourne, FL.

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